As you may or may not know, I’m stepping away from teaching for a while, maybe forever. I explain a little about it in “Sh*t My Students Said” over at Superstition Review, but mostly, I list the top 10 craziest things my students have ever said. Enjoy!


HFosterI was lucky enough to be interviewed by the lovely, brilliant, and terrifically gifted Amanda Gowin for the revival of her famous interview project, Curiouser & Curiouser. She had a magical way of coaxing out some seriously honest answers. Hope you get a kick out of it!  :)

My story “The Armadillo” (preview BELOW) is part of EXIGENCIES, an anthology of original fiction from Dark House Press. It’s already generating some great buzz:

“From the shadows that dwell in some of the most creative, and gifted minds around, emerges a collection of short stories that will skulk across the footplate of literature for many years to come. Exigencies is the cloak thrown over the world, to show us that in darkness we can still find beauty, and will forever serve as a keepsake to great writing.”
—Craig Wallwork, author of The Sound of Loneliness

“These pages house some of the most exciting writers you’ve never heard of—yet. They make the mundane terrifying, the poignant macabre, the violent touching. The only thing you won’t find is the expected, because these stories will move the ground beneath your feet. Brace yourself.”
—Nik Korpon, author of Stay God

Release date JUNE 9!!!


I’m Baaaaack!

Hey, y’all!

I’m finally back in action. Shortly after my last post, I found out I was pregnant. To say that I was thrilled would be a gross understatement, since my husband and I had been desperately trying to have a third child for 6 years. It was so unexpected, so beautiful, that I unplugged from pretty much every other aspect of my life in order to enjoy it.

On June 15, 2014, my husband and I welcomed our precious daughter, Harper June Willow Foster, into the world. Her brothers are as enamored with her as we are, and we are enjoying every moment of watching the three of them interact with one another.

Now I’m back to teaching. I’m back to writing. And hopefully, I’m back to keeping this site updated. 2014 has been a fairly quiet year for me professionally, but it was a welcome sabbatical. I’m ready to get back in the saddle. Be on the lookout for some new stuff soon!



I’m thrilled to announce that my twisted story, “The Armadillo,” will be published in EXIGENCIES, an anthology by Dark House Press. It’s a 2015 release, but in the meantime, follow them on Facebook and Twitter, and check out THE NEW BLACK, sure to be a terrific read (Roxane Gay, Stephen Graham Jones, and more!) and out in a few short months.

Texas3In July 2012, I had the pleasure of hearing Stephen Graham Jones read his brilliant, beautiful fiction at Murray State University in Kentucky (where I earned my MFA). Anyone with halfway decent eyesight can see that Stephen is magnificently goodlooking. I wasn’t the only one who felt like the A/C cut off when he walked into the room.


This poem my SEEM to be about that. But this poem isn’t about that. This poem is about how his words are so right, so natural, so POETIC (something Carrie Jerrell mentioned when she introduced him), that you give in to him. As a reader, you’d follow him anywhere: from a fire in Texas to a zombie apocalypse to the passenger side of the I-10 killer’s pickup. In other words, he is so good on the page, it’s more than enough to give a girl a crush.


I heard Stephen read at just the right time in my writing life. It had been exactly 6 months since I successfully defended my thesis, and exactly 6 months since I’d written anything worth a damn. I bought Growing Up Dead in Texas after the reading, and it was everything. I was so inspired. My poem “Ode to Stephen Graham Jones” (up now at Word Riot, love them!) practically flew out of my fingertips.


Ultimately, it’s a thank you, written in the afterglow of a great read. I hope that when folks read this poem, the JOY I felt when writing it is evident. And Stephen, if you read it, I hope you dig.

floatingwomanShanna Dixon has a great blog about Southern women poets, called Swamp Skirts. She was kind enough to interview me and post my poem, “Carving.” Her questions really got my brain working, and I appreciated it. Read through the other interviews while you’re there. Great stuff!


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